The Opportunity

Information is key to creating a world-class atrial fibrillation program and providing better care.

During the recent DECAAF study, AF patients from six countries were treated. Of course, Utah has excellent physicians, but they also have something else that currently sets them apart: better information about their patient’s atrial enhancement and heart anatomy.

This information, available only through the image processing services applied to delayed enhancement magnetic resonance imaging (DE-MRI) from Merisight, can now be a cornerstone of your AF program.

It is known, patients with AF have a potent risk factor for ischemic stroke and increased risk of death. Most often, they are faced with a reduced quality of life, functional status, and cardiac performance. Understanding the significance, Merisight is passionate about making advancements that will help you provide better care and improve the lives of AF patients.

Merisight uses the only FDA-cleared device for assessing left-atrial enhancement, providing quantifiable information, previously not available, on the progression and location of left atrial enhancement.

Merisight can deliver this information directly to your fingertips, allowing you to personalize treatment for your patients with atrial fibrillation.

Better Information, Better Plans, Better Outcomes

Contact us to learn how Merisight can provide you with the opportunity to deliver better care and put your cardiology department or AF program on the map as a leader in AF treatment.

Read the conclusion of the multi-center DECAAF study reported in JAMA, February 5, 2014.