Gain a Competitive Edge

While the AF patient population is growing 5 -10% every year, the competition to attract these patients to your AF program also is intensifying. In fact, there are now nearly 900 ablation centers in the U.S., an increase of 35% in the last six years.

Attracting more of these patients, requires consideration to what they are looking for:

  • Better care at a lower cost
  • High quality outcomes
  • Physicians with a good reputation
  • Institutions renown for high quality of care
  • Latest disease treatment and use of advanced technologies
  • Treatments with lower radiation exposure

Building a competitive AF program with Merisight creates an information-based treatment model guiding appropriate care, improving outcomes, lowering care costs, and providing your patients with peace of mind.

Today, leadership in any field means using the best technology. By taking advantage of our unique services, you can:

  • Optimize your acquisition of quality MRI images
  • Review detailed 3D visualization of complex left atrium and PV anatomy for more effective treatment planning
  • Accurately assess the progression of left atrial enhancement
  • Review post-ablation imaging of the scar to assess the completeness of the ablation procedure and potential need for atrial remodeling
  • Offer leading edge imaging technology to strengthen your relationships with other hospital or referring physicians
  • Enhance your ability to attract and retain the best physicians
  • Improve scheduling and utilization of procedure rooms based on knowledge of the complexity of the cases